Double Birds aims to publish sharp, meaningful writing about the St. Louis Cardinals, the game of baseball, the experience of fandom, Yadier Molina’s knees, Nick Stavinoha’s Hall of Fame candidacy, Tim McCarver’s work in semiotics, and anything else our writers find interesting. It existed in a prior incarnation on Medium, and moved to this space in Februaryish 2016.

It does not aim to be a better version of the many other sources of Cardinals news and analysis out there. We can’t compete with the Post-Dispatch on access and resources—and even if we could, we’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who can chronicle the day-to-day, hour-to-hour pulse of the team as capably as Derrick Goold does. The depth and breadth of the analysis provided by the fine folks at Viva El Birdos are similarly irreproducible. We aren’t equipped to soundtrack your evening commute with a roundtable of brodacious ex-relievers or listen patiently to Marty from Wildwood’s thoughts on lineup construction.

Instead, we’ll try to do a little bit of all these things; we’ll report and inform, analyze and opine, find new stories worth telling and dig up old ones worth telling again, listen to your feedback, record a podcast or two. Mostly we’ll tweet. But at our best we hope to provide a space for Cardinals-centric writing that you wouldn’t expect to find at any of those other sites—on topics they can’t or won’t address, from voices and perspectives they might overlook, in styles and tones they’re not quite a fit for.

While this is all a lot less serious than it sounds, we’re animated by a few core beliefs and commitments. We are not a take factory or a content farm. A hundred times out of a hundred, we’ll choose quality over quantity, scrutiny over speed, precision over comprehensiveness. We believe in skepticism and adversariality and snark. We don’t believe in drawing bright lines between fans and the media, or between the present and the past, or between the game of baseball and the social, economic, and, yes, political forces that shape the world in which it’s played.

Want to write for Double Birds? Have an idea or know of a story you think we should cover? Just feel like saying hi? Send tips, pitches, submissions, questions, feedback, GIFs of Tony La Russa playing with cats, and anything else via Twitter or email.